Computational data analysis skills are becoming increasingly important for our research. We are integrating these skills into our education programs.

During our Sea Change Semester we teach our undergraduate students a course on Oceanographic Data Analysis using the R programming language. We work with continuous CTD data, and discrete water samples, focusing on generating figures to show temporal and spatial change.

For our summer undergraduate interns we run a Café Code series where we introduce the idea of data science and oceanography through short presentations and article discussions. Previous topics have included: reproducible research, coding tools, introduction to R, high performance computing, data visualization, data repositories and experimental design.

Bigelow Laboratory is a co-organizer of OceanHackWeek, a hands-on workshop aimed at exploring, creating and promoting effective computation and analysis workflows for large and complex oceanographic data. All tutorials are available on GitHub, with videos on YouTube.

We run Carpentries Style workshops for our staff, combining Carpentries lessons with lessons developed in-house.