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Announcements for Tuesday 4/5

We've set up a second Jupyterhub for today incase things start to run slowly as we test out different bioinformatics software:
Feel free to jump to it if things start to run slowly. Your same username and password will work. The same storage volume (/mnt/storage) is mounted to both.
You will have to re-run through the the hub setup page to symlink storage to your home directory.

Friday Talks
If you've signed up for a Friday talk, please share your title with Julia sometime today. There's still time to sign up if you haven't yet. Talks can be 5-10 minutes each.

Friday Fun Run
Bigelow is having a fun walk/run at 12 on Friday to benefit Colon Cancer patients. If you're interested, we can give you details. Sign up here.

Announcements for Thursday 4/7

sra tools fastq-dump -X parameter clarification:
Not randomly sampled, if you use this parameter it downloads the first X number of reads in a record.

Announcements for Thursday 4/8

Fun Run Cancelled Due to the rain.