Bioinformatics of Microbial Single Cells Course

2022 Course Website

Friday Schedule

Expert lecture

9:00 Maria Dzunkova

Participant Seminar Series

9:30 - 11:30

Miglė Štitilytė: CRISPR-Cas proteins for gene editing

Jacob Munson-McGee: Single cell ‘omics reveal variations in respiration rates in coastal prokaryoplankton

Melissa Herring: Using RSG in Conjunction with Flow Cytometry to Characterize Microbial Metabolisms

Melody Lindsay: Single cell rates of anaerobic metabolisms: analysis using flow cytometry and single cell genomic sequencing

Molly Devlin: Species-Specific Quantification of Endospores in the Continental Deep Subsurface

Trista Vick-Majors: Subglacial Ecosystems under Antarctic Ice Sheets

Anne Booker: Do marine viruses influence Karenia brevis blooms?

Kim De Paepe: In vitro platforms to gain quantitative and functional insights in the human gut microbiome

Independent/Group exploration of bioinformatics tools

11:30 - 12:15 Anvi'o


Afternoon: Continued Exploration of Bioinformatics Tools

4:00 Wrap up