Bioinformatics of Microbial Single Cells Course

2022 Course Website

Lesson Links

Day 1: Introduction and Overview of Microbial Single Cell Genomics

Morning: Course Introduction
Github: Day1AM_intro_to_jupyterhub

Afternoon: Understanding the SCGC workflow and data structure
Github: Day1PM_SCGC_data_intro

Day 2: Exploring Microbial Genomes

Morning: Tools for taxonomic assignment of microbial SAGs
Github: Day2AM_taxonomic_classification

Afternoon: Functional annotation of SAG Data
Github: Day2PM_annotations

Day 3: Use of SAGs in Quantitative Microbial Ecology

Morning: Meta'omic read recruitment to SAGs
Github: Day3AM_read_recruitment

Afternoon: Taxonomic and Functional characterization of meta’omics data using SAGs
Github: Day3PM_GORG-classifier

Day 4: Integration of SAG and Other ‘omics Data with anvi'o

Website: Single Cell ‘Omics with anvi'o
Github: Day4_anvio

Day 5: Participant Symposium and Data Exploration

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Published on 31 Mar 2022